Checklist for Selling Your Used RV or Motorhome

  • Checklist for Selling Your Used RV or Motorhome


    When the time comes for you to make a decision of selling your used recreational vehicle (RV) or motorhome, then you want to make the right decision.  There are many options to consider before you complete your sell.

    You will first want to consider the condition of your RV or motorhome.  Is it in good shape?  Is it running?  How many miles does your RV or motorhome has?  How is the transmission?  How is the interior?  Does everything work inside your RV or motorhome?  These are  a few items to consider.

    Then, you want to gather your paperwork such as maintenance records and title documents and so forth.  It is a good idea to show that you have maintained your RV or motorhome well.  You will also want to have a clean title to your RV or motorhome.

    Take photos of your RV or motorhome.  You will want to clean your RV or motorhome thoroughly, inside and out.  Afterwards, take as many pictures as you can.  Preferably, you will want to these pictures with a digital camera.  Phone photos are decent but a digital camera will work best.

    Finally, set an asking price for your RV or motorhome.  Post your RV or motorhome on trade magazines, auction sites, and local newspapers.  Within several weeks, you will receive offers for your RV or motorhome.

    These are the steps toward selling your RV or Motorhome.

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